What To Expect After Your 2nd Visit Report of Findings

On this visit we are going to take all of the information that we obtained from your first visit through the case history, examinations, x rays and other findings that you might brought in. We’re going to go over them and show exactly what is causing or might be causing your condition. If we accept you as a patient because we don’t’ necessarily accept everybody as a patient because sometimes chiropractic care is not the right treatment for your condition. And if it’s not the right treatment I’m going to direct you to the right avenue that need to get the proper treatment but when you are accepted as a patient in our office, we will go over in detail the treatment plan which will answer your questions.

It’s our goal to get you better. But it’s your goal as a patient help and take active role in your care. If we accept you as a patient you’re going to get the best possible care at our office and it is also something I feel personally that we can help and get better.

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