I have been working with Dr. Osborn for the past year and he has been of tremendous help in properly aligning my neck and back. My latest MRI showed improvement from the previous one and I feel so much better and stronger. Can’t thank Dr. Osborn and his staff enough for working with me and for their encouragement and support this year.

Victoria V, Bethesda

The integrated approach used at Rockville Medical and Disk Center focuses on resolving the cause of the pain so that it is eliminated or controlled for the long-term. It is more than just chiropractic adjustments. The owner, Dr Wander, has done an excellent job in hiring very competent staff. Dr Oz, hired recently after successfully managing his own practice in Chicago, is friendly, takes time to understand and remember your issue and takes it as a personal point of pride to work with you to manage and solve it. Both doctors use soft vs painfully forceful chiropractic techniques whenever possible to make adjustments. Treatments are tailored to each patients’s needs after radiography and initial examination but typically incorporate a regime of chiropractic adjustment physical therapy, massage, traction, stretching and exercises. Appointments are easy to schedule and In 3 years as a patient I’ve never been delayed or had to wait to schedule an appointment. The chiropractic assistants remember each patient’s name and treatment plan, always provide a warm and friendly welcome and help guide patients through their exercise, traction, stretching and other treatments. The front staff are equal welcoming and helpful. I highly recommend Rockville Medical and Disc Center!

Michael N, Bethesda

Amazing staff from the front desk to the doctors! I have never gone to a chiropractor but a persistent pain in my lower spine and hip scared me enough to consider it and a persistent husband made me actually go and I am so happy I did! From the second I made the appointment by phone I knew I would be in good hands and I was, I felt really cared for and like everyone there really did love their work. I learned right away the cause of the pain (from X-rays) and Dr. Wander set up a simple but thorough regimen to work towards correcting it. I never realized how sad this pain had made me until the day after I had my first adjustment when I realized that I felt like I was on the right path to finding me again! Thank you!!!

Angela J, Berkeley

I want to start out by saying I’ve been dealing with lower back pain and TMJ for over 10 years. The daily headaches and all over body pain were awful and I thought I had a serious, fatal illness. Not kidding. All of the doctors I have seen just prescribed pills and physical therapy, all of which was a band aid fix and never really solved my issues. I had given up on ever being pain free again and regulated myself to mega doses of Advil and Advil PM (which didn’t really work by the way). Then a miracle happened, my employer had a “wellness day which consisted of “mini massages” by the Rockville Medical and Disc Center which they provided a free consultation and I took full advantage, what did I have to lose? On my first visit to the Center, X-rays were taken and I was shown my spine on a computer screen. OMG imagine that, none of the other doctors or hospitals I have visited EVER did this. Dr. Wander showed me my problematic areas and explained everything in layman’s terms. Surprisingly, he not only identified the problem that I came in for, but other problems I didn’t know I had. I signed up immediately and started treatment. From my very first visit, my TMJ was gone and I was relieved of my back pain. I finally slept like a baby after all these years.  I cannot express how awesome Dr. Wander, Dr. Miller, Jeanette and his front staff are! If you have chronic issues with your back or body try going for a treatment session. You won’t regret it!

Janine S, Lanham

I was in shock at my x-ray results and in tears but the doctors, front desk, and other staff all made me feel better and more comfortable with the process it was going to take to rehab my spine back to its correct position. I have only received a couple of treatments but I am feeling better already. Looking forward to seeing my progress and results and feeling better!

Chelsea B, Reston

I am more than completely satisfied with the service and experience provided by Rockville Medical and Disc Center. When I started treatment related to a vehicle accident, I had terrible headaches and wasn’t able to sleep through the night due to the pain I was suffering. I am now getting very sound sleep, no headaches and virtually no pain in my neck and back. This progress in a mere three months is remarkable. Rockville Medical and Disc Center, I hold in the highest regard, recommend to not only friends and family, but strangers as well. Thank you for bringing me back to a better quality of life.

Charles A, Temple Hills

I was in pain when I met Dr. Wonder in Disc Center. I experienced a constant pain due to the pinched nerve in my neck. The pain got to be quite severe especially in the morning right after I woke up. When I moved my neck in a certain way the pain would get more severe. I had numbness and tingling in my left arm and fingers. I’m in the middle of my treatment and I still have another 20 session to complete it, however, now that I’m writing this review I have no more pain. I can move my arm and I can easily drive. The whole crew are professional. Thank you Dr. Wonder & Rockville Medical and Disc Center Crew, you guys are wonderful!

Shirin T, Rockville

I have always found your chiropractors to be very good. Since Dr. Miller started adjusting me (starting 4 or 5 months ago), I have had no back pain between my monthly maintenance visits. Occasionally, she will notice an imbalance in my posture and fix the problem before it causes me any pain. Improved nutrition also seems to having a positive effect upon my health, including my back health.

Charles K, Rockville

I have been going to Rockville Medical Center for about two years and I never had a bad experience, the staffs are wonderful, everyone really care about you and desire to see you progress in your treatment. I have had back problems for fifteen years and have tried many places and treatment and have never felt better, in fact I never thought that there was hope for me to get better until I had been seen at Rockville Medical Center. It’s a wonderful place with courteous, caring and professional people. I recommend it with a ten. GREAT JOB GUYS, KEEP IT UP!!!

Patricia C, Germantown

I am really impressed by your practice. I’ve been to you for chiropractic and for weight loss and in both you have done phenomenal work. Now, you have also added Acupuncture to your arsenal of wellness which even makes your practice more appealing. I have recommended your practice to MANY people not only because of the array of quality services but also because of the people. You have a great staff, and the Docs are “top shelf” as well.

Thomas R, Mount Airy

Kudos to Rockville Medical and Disc Center! Drs. Wander, Miller, and departed Dr. Mark and staff are awesome!. What brought me to this practice was years of suffering acute neck and shoulder pain due to work related habits. Before I started chiropractic treatment, I suffered from significant pain in my upper back, neck and shoulders and constant migraine headaches (at least 2-3 times a week). This is the second Chiropractor I have been to and is by far the best! Not only do they offer chiropractic adjustments in their treatment package but also muscle tension relief injections, laser treatment, traction, massages, and now acupuncture. All Drs are wonderful and very experienced especially Dr. Miller; she is very attentive and sweet and she really takes the time to address and correct whatever it is that is hurting the most. Dr. Wander too takes the time to address any concern you may have. I am 3 months into the treatment and while I’m not there yet as far as being pain free and my spine completely corrected, I feel so much better and I’m starting to see the results. My x-rays showed that I’ve made a significant improvement and best of all…my headaches are gone! 🙂 I was in terrible shape when I started so I know I probably have a much longer way to go than others.  I was recommended this practice by my fiancee who has also been treated here and I will definitely recommend this place to friends and family. I am really looking forward to the day when I will be absolutely pain-free and I know that day will come soon 😉

Katty A, Rockville

My experience at the Rockville Medical and disc center had been nothing but great! They are very friendly and great listeners. The make you feel like you are the only patient. When you are being taken care off you are being taken care off.. I love it and would recommend it to anyone at anytime.

Tufor T, Gaithersburg