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What To Expect After Your 2nd Visit Report of Findings

On this visit we are going to take all of the information that we obtained from your first visit through the case history, examinations, x rays and other findings that you might brought in. We’re going to go over them and show exactly what is causing or might be causing your condition. If we accept you as a patient because we don’t’ necessarily accept everybody as a patient because sometimes chiropractic care is not the right treatment for your condition. And if it’s not the right treatment I’m going to direct you to the right avenue that need to get the proper treatment but when you are accepted as a patient in our office, we will go over in detail the treatment plan which will answer your questions.

It’s our goal to get you better. But it’s your goal as a patient help and take active role in your care. If we accept you as a patient you’re going to get the best possible care at our office and it is also something I feel personally that we can help and get better.

Ice or Heat, What Should I Do?

You wake up and may have a little discomfort and you don’t know what to do.  If you’re going to use ice, place the ice on the area for 20 mins. Then leave in a half of hour in between sessions. And if it’s about after 3 days or more and become a little bit chronic make it alternate. Hot, cold, hot, cold, hot. 20 minutes of heat, alternate by 15 mins of the ice and 20 minutes of heat causes that creates a pumping mechanism and that’s going to bring fresh blood to the area and get rid of the bad blood.  For more information about pain management, chiropractic care, physical therapy, just come to our office

What To Expect On Your First Visit

Welcome To Rockville Medical & Disc Center. My name is Mike Turajczyk, and I’m Director of Admissions for the Clinic. In this video, I want to explain what to expect on the first visit when you come in. The first visit is going to be very important for you as we will evaluate if you’re a good candidate for our treatment. We are medical integrated center utilizing multiple different modalities and therapies to help people in their very specific criteria for qualifying for our treatment. So we will evaluate if you’re a candidate .

So here are the steps:

  1. Fill out the in-take form. We will send you the links so you can do it at the convenience of your home. So we can either email it or you can download from our website. When you fill out the in-take form, we always encourage you to fill it out thoroughly and completely because the more information know about your condition, the better we will be able to help you. This is very very important.
  2. When you come in, we will also encourage you to bring any diagnostic tests or diagnostic reports you may have. Even if they’re old or may not be directly related to your condition you’re coming in for, please bring them. We will decide if you can use them or if they’re helpful to your treatment plan.
  3. If you have any old MRIs, X-rays reports, EMG Testing, anything you think that would be helpful to bring, just bring it and we will evaluate it.
  4. When you arrive, we will review your history, we’ll do a consultation, we’ll do a physical examination for you that may include our own digital imaging. We have our own digital X rays here in the office, depending on what type of diagnostic test. We have imaging solutions so we don’t have to refer you out. We can do that right here in the office.
  5. When you’re done, we’re going to schedule a report of findings for visit to go overall the details for you. When you leave the office, we will actually have a team meeting to determine exactly what the underlying cause of your problem is. We will verify your insurance as well based on the treatment program.

We will review your test one more time:

  • We will review your exam, findings
  • Analyze diagnostics you brought and diagnostics you had in this office.
  • We will also work with a radiologist as part of our team

So when you come in, you all have the information ready, also know what is and what is not covered by insurance. Remember every success comes with teamwork.

By watching this video and scheduling an appointment in our office, doing the research and having the education, you’re making the most important step towards optimum health.